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Sound Sculptures are java applets that sound like relaxing, outdoor sounds. Falling rain, waves at the beach, a fountain in a quiet backyard with katydids and crickets chirping are some of the soothing enviromental sounds you will hear on this site.

I recorded some great old tunes with my 12 string acoustic guitar. If you are into natural, unprocessed and uncompressed acoustic sound, this page is what you want.

If you have a high-speed connection, you should try our High speed optimized java 2 applets. They are near-cd quality!

So kick your chair back, put your feet up, and relax a while.

Like what you hear?

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Water Fountain Rest near a small outdoor fountain. Feel the stress disappear while listening to crickets chirping in the grass. Listening to the gentle sounds of a bubbling fountain is a great way to relax, and provides a good mask for disruptive sounds.
Calm Beach  The ocean is calm, waves gently roll on to the sand. Great stress reliever. The waves sound as measured and regular as sleep.
Surf on the Beach  The ocean waves are strong, they pound and glide up the sand. Seagulls cry. Strong sea ambience. You can almost smell the salt, sea spray and surf...
Water's Edge  Feel stress disappear as you relax by the river's edge. Listen to the water gently lapping against the shore. These sounds really help you block out the office sounds and zone in to your work.
Morning Birds  A tree full of excited birds on a crisp autumn morning busily greets the new day at the crack of dawn.
Summer Days  Crickets chirp and cicadas call in the summer heat. A great way to relive the langorous days of summer

Also available here on CD

Summer Nights  Crickets in the lawn and katydids in the trees. The night time chorus starts promptly at sundown.

Also available here on CD

WaterFalls  Rushing waters below the cliffs roars over the rocks (listen closely for the seagulls) The tranquility that such natural sounds like this produce is the reason that white or pink sound is so valued as a relaxation aid. Good for tinnitus sufferers also.
Rainy Day  Rain pours and drips from the eaves. The gentle sound of rain is a good sound block in the middle of a busy office. The gentle and slightly irregular rhythm of the falling rain drops can put you right in the mood to solve a vexing problem.
Rain on the River  Sitting on the dock in the middle of a rain storm. This sound scape combines the tranquillity of gentle lapping river sounds with the quiet rush of summer rain. Good mask for tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
River Journey  Gently riding up the Hudson River. Rhythmic sound sculpture conveys the feeling of gliding smoothly through the smooth current of the Hudson River. A foghorn breaks through the sound of the wake, seagulls, and bellbuoy.
Rainy day, zipped  The most popular SoundSculpure, zipped so you can play it locally.
Calm Beach and River Rain, zipped  Other popular Sculptures, zipped up so you can play them locally.

High speed optimized java 2 applets

The heavy rain falls steadily. Lightning flares up the sky and the rolling sound of thunder surrounds you.
(About 1 megabyte of stereo sound - this is for high speed connections and java version 2)
Wind Chimes
A gentle breeze moves through the summer day and a melodious wind chime answers.
(About 500 kilobytes of stereo sound - this is for java version 2)

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