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SoundSculpture Info

(last updated 98.7.8)
Adjust time intervals of each sound with the horizontal slide.  
Use Mode 'loop' for continuous play,  
Use Mode 'play' to repeat at interval 
Use Mode 'rand' to play a random time (up to double).  
Use Mode 'Rand' to play a random time (up to 4 times duration).
Save connect time expense - disconnect from the web while the SoundSculpture is still running.

If you have java related trouble, check here -


Operating System / Browser Combinations

Here are some I tested. Find your operating system and choose an appropriate browser.
OS/2 Warp Solaris Windows 3.x Windows 95 Macintosh Linux
Internet Explorer 4 N/A N/A 1,3 1 ?
Netscape 2.02 June '98 release ? ? ?
Netscape 3 Good* 1 3 No
Netscape 4.+ N/A 1 3 1,2 ? 1
N/A - not applicable
? - did not test that combo
No - combo does not work
1 - combo works okay but sound is jerky when other applications are started or stopped
2 - combo works okay but labels do not change color as they play
3 - works after applying Win32s upgrade but verrry slow going
Good - combo works completely
* - Netscape 2.02 (June, 98 release) run with version 3 user agent (-3 parameter)  and JDK 1.1.x

Navigator for OS/2 Warp

Sound Sculptures work just fine with the June, 1998 release of Netscape Navigator and the current IBM Java Development Kit 1.1.x release Go to Netscape and look for the 'Other Vendors' link.

Communcator for Linux

Sound Sculptures work just fine with 4.x release of Communicator for Linux Go to Netscape and look for the 'Other Vendors' link.

Communicator for Macintosh

I found these in dejanews.
Maybe something here will help, short of using Internet Explorer.

> Since upgrading to Netscape Communicator, Crashguard gives me a error
> message and recommends quitting every time I visit a site with Java.
> The only way I can use that site is to disable Java and Javascript. I
> tried downloading a fresh version of Communicator but the problem
> continued. Any idea what's wrong and how to fix it, please?

try this (it cured my problem with Communicator).  I was having locks
and freezes and then, while investigating, I found an extension in
the Communictaor folder that had not been installed.  Java
Accellerator for Power PC.  Drag this to your extensions folder and
Just one thing to add to this discussion; please update to NUM 3.5.2.
It contains an update for CrashGuard to bring it to 3.5.1 and may help
in this instance as well.
Patchers can be found at:
Please let us know if there are any questions about the 3.5.2 updaters.
 : No Java in 68K builds of Netscape after release 3.04.
which seems sort of silly - since Mac users are the most likely to use
Netscape in favor of MSIE.  The only reasons I have MSIE on my 68040-based
Quadra 800 are that:i. I occaisonally need to run Java applets
ii. there are quite a few pages out there that cause Netscape to crash

for whatever operating system you use -

Download Netscape Navigator


Java Tests

 JDK 1.1 Demo Applets

Here are some official java applets from JavaSoft..
You should be able to run most of them  if you are set up correctly.
If you can run these, but cannot run the Sound Sculptures, I'd really like to know the circumstances. Tell me what browser and version you are using and what hardware platform you are on.  email Art Sulger (remove the anti-spam portion)



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